three books

three books

Saturday, 9 July 2011

inspired renovation

I've been wanting to have glass fronts made for the upper cupboards in my kitchen for quite some time but the price of custom, which mine would naturally be in such an old apartment, was daunting. Suddenly this past week I was seized with a fit of possible genius, or madness, whichever the case may be when I happen to notice a picture frame that was just the right width. I got out the miter box and hacked it down to size and darned if it didn't work. It took a bit of mucking about but I finally got them up and reasonably even, so long as you're not looking too close. They still need another coat of paint and then I will take them in to have the glass fit but I am ever so happy with the results. My beloved fruits and veggies finally have a proper home.
That's it for my creative energy this week. Maybe some studio time tomorrow.

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  1. Sue, you are so clever! I LOVE the idea of using picture frames as doors. Your lovely fruit and veggies look like pieces of art all framed up there!