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three books

Monday, 27 February 2012

break time

I am taking a little break from my morning project which is hand stitching some new table napkins. Sounds strange yes but it is part of my new/old philosophy of making what I need (okay, want) by making use of what I have and it is extremely satisfying. It is a return to a world view that I wholeheartedly embraced in my years on the Island where I tried to promote the handy work of many local artists and artisans. Potters like myself as well as every other art and craft imaginable because I love them all. Not just the pieces but what they represent and what they reflect of the people who put their heart and soul into the making of them.
As I matured as a potter I found myself leaning more and more toward the Japanese concept of Wabi sabi which embraces imperfection and celebrates the individuality of the maker. At the time it was difficult to generate enthusiasm from the general public for products that "didn't match" and didn't look machine made. I think that is why I lost faith in the venture and when I moved to the city I kept only a few of the bits I had collected. For a time I was almost embarrassed to admit that I still had a passion for "handmade".
It took a few years of trying to find myself and my style in the city before I realized that no, I really hadn't changed and I want what I have always wanted - a fun, eclectic mix of treasures that speak to my heart.
Now, although I have been redecorating over the past year and thoroughly enjoying the results  I have to give some credit to the interior designers Mark and Sally Bailey for renewing my passion for the Wabi sabi in all things handmade. What I took from their book "Handmade Home" was the encouragement to just do, and enjoy not only the process but the result, imperfections and all. Why should something handmade aspire to look like it is not when it is infinitely more special as it is.

So here I sit on a beautiful sunny morning stitching mustard linen with red thread and feeling fine.

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