three books

three books

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

another red neck reno

Other projects include another red neck reno in the kitchen and in the dining room/studio. I had another freebie frame come my way a while back so another cupboard got commandeered . This silly collection is getting a little out of hand.
Then I finally got round to painting the studio. I've really been having fun with this, what have you got and what can you do with it, mentality so I applied it to the whole concept of decorating. I happened to have 1/2 a gallon of paint left over from the kitchen and about 1/3 of a gallon left over from the living room, neither one of which were going to get used anywhere else so I dumped them together and started painting. Who would have thought that wouldn't be enough to do all four walls? Oops! My plan thwarted I trotted on down to the Home Depot with a sample which yes, they can match almost 100% by computer but, while I was standing there feeling slightly annoyed that I was going to have to pay $20.00 for a quart of paint, one of the lads put a quart on the mistint pile that just happened to be about the same colour as mine only several shades darker. Before you could say, "back to the seventies" I scooped it up, paid $3.00 and practically ran on home to complete my project with an accent wall. Happenstance is infinitely more satisfying than planned perfection. Now it's time to start painting something new to hang on these lovely walls.

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  1. Hi Sue, your studio looks fresh. I love the dog painting! Is it a new one?
    Your cupboard looks fantastic. xo