three books

three books

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

putting the pieces together

A few days of mucking about with other stuff but finally back to wax. I'm still having an excellent time with my test tiles. Today I started prepping a whack for the "personal iconography" project. I'm going to attribute this inspiration to the amazing artist Sheila Norgate in spite of the fact that I am likely to slaughter her eloquent explanation of the concept. Instead I will offer up my interpretation of what she said which is that, as an artist, one has a responsibility to explore and develop a catalog of icons (motifs) that have personal significance. I like the concept of repeated motifs and even more so the fact that they are not chosen randomly but are developed into a sort of language that can express emotion or share experiences visually. Developing this personal language however, is considerably more difficult than I had expected. There are a number of recurring images I am drawn to and have used in a variety of forms but I have never actually stopped to think about them long enough to wonder why. Why this kind of bird but not that one? Why this kind of bug but no others? So, although I would start cataloging the images on test tiles and use each one in a variety of ways until it's story is revealed. Here are the first bits for contemplation.

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  1. We ask similar questions about symbols.....why this and not wonder we're friends! Contemplation has begun. :)