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three books

Monday, 27 August 2012

catching up and moving on

More than a week gone by in a flash which always seems to happen in summertime. Especially as we near the end of it and I am desperate to be out and about every possible moment. The husband took a three day weekend and we had fun poking about the fair on Friday. It was my first and likely only trip to the PNE since I am not especially fond of games, rides or gross fair food. I do like the animals but I always feel sorry for them and it makes me sad to see them penned and pinned with tags in their ears. I took some pictures of some particularly pretty cows and thought I would draw them but then I realized that I wanted to draw them looking happier and that is a weird kind of denial - wanting to alter reality by drawing it differently. Okay, maybe it's not such a bad idea. In fact I think I do that all the time anyway.
Sunday we went to a huge flea market in Cloverdale. We found a gorgeous strawberry pitcher for my fruit and veggie collection and a lovely brass pig to go with Daniel's hare. That made it worth the trip.

Earlier in the week my lovely friend Carole was in town and we went along to the Vancouver Art Gallery to see the Cone sisters collection. Lots of lovely Matisse and more, more, more. It was brilliant and by the time we were done I felt like I had been dipped in colour. Neither one of us could be bothered to look at anything else for a while. Too much richness to take in all at once. Of course we wandered through the gift shop on the way out but the only thing I bought was a postcard of a Matisse portrait called The Blue Eyes. Not because it is one of his more spectacular ones, it's quite quiet actually, but because the pose is particularly intriguing. It seems a little awkward and yet, just right. I am always drawn to that quality of just a little off. So, as part of a new resolution to do a drawing a day (nearly every day) I imagined one of my ladies in that pose and did a quick little cartoon. I liked her so I decided to make a transfer to lino and let her evolve.

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  1. Sue, wow, I got as far as hanging mine on the cabinet! I love how you got to it, did it, and then made the booklet with it! xo