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three books

Saturday, 4 August 2012


The theme of this week's drawing challenge (hosted by my lovely friend Carole once again) is "crows" and because they, of all birds, make the loveliest silhouettes I thought it might be the perfect time to try out a new printing technique. Gel prints a la Linda Germain I watched her video carefully and then proceeded to do everything wrong, having lots of fun at the same time. If you want to try it yourself I can give you one important tip.  She is not kidding when she says it is a bit of a trick to get the right amount of ink on the stencil but I also discovered that cutting the stencil from a non porous paper like terraskin or yupo works better than regular paper or plastic. Here are a few variations from the same stencil. 
See Carole's blog at for a list of participants in this week's challenge.

Oops, out of register

Oops, too much ink on the stencil

Oops, not enough ink on the stencil

Getting closer

Almost there


  1. Hi Sue, "almost there", getting closer, and oops not enough ink on the stencil all look perfect to me!
    Thanks for joining the challenge this week. If you go to Ariane's blog you'll see what she has planned for next week.
    tonight I'm heading down to Ladysmith, yes in this heat, to hear a printmaker talk at the gallery opening. Have a good long weekend.

  2. Hi Sus

    as the song says...if this is wrong I dont want to be right.
    A great set of silhouettes I really love the colours and textures.

    They are very lovely.

    Helen :)

  3. Sue, these are all so different, and so GREAT! Proof once again that there is no such thing as a mistake when making art. best regards, sus

  4. Dear Sue,
    I'm delighted by your Crows!
    And thank you,
    I'll try this printing technique.

    x Ariane.

  5. Dear Sus, thank you very much for sharing this print technique video - very, very interesting - I like to try it also and I really love how it turned out with your crows thats great!
    xo Barbara

  6. Great crows, I liked the one with too much ink best. And I shall never, ever try this printing tecnique:)

  7. sue, this is an amazing technique with a surprizing result, and i mean, all of your trials are just fascinating. i've long been dreaming of printing myself, perhaps i should look into this technique? ultimately i'd like to screen print, but most manuals scare me to death. perhaps i should commence with this technique and get it in my fingers? cheers for linking this.
    i like your crows, that are now a troupe!

  8. dear Sue, me too, i like all of your crows, from the very existing one to the one on a misty morning, this technique looks so much fun, i will keep it in mind and have a try, lots of possibilities as your results show, wonderful! x

  9. Oh gosh this is a fabulous post. I adore print number 3 featuring blue tones. This is too fabulous honestly. The best part is the link so if we want to play with the art form, we can. Thank you generous one!!!! *smiles* Norma