three books

three books

Friday, 17 August 2012

One shots

I will try almost anything once and I know from experience that most things are easier the second time so I am not faint-hearted. There are some things though, that I know with absolute certainty, will never be repeated. Child birth was one. Thank goodness the first one turned out okay because a second attempt was out of the question. They say you forget how bad it truly after the fact but I never did.
I'm pretty sure that Gel prints are like that too. In fact I was thinking, as I was scraping the moldy gunge out of the pan, that I do not want to forget how nasty that is because I am fairly confident that a second attempt would incur the same result - that is my forgetting that a pan of disgusting goo was moldering in my refrigerator bin. Ew!

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  1. Ha ha Sue, quite a comparison between childbirth and gel prints! Ewwww!