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three books

Friday, 17 August 2012

Queen of Hearts

A few years back I did a little exercise in not-so-serious doodling just to free up creativity while working my way through a series of paintings that I was taking much too seriously. I didn't expect them to be useful but several years later I was asked to do a large painting for a casino and one of those little doodles became the basis for the nearly life size "Lady Luck".
This week's drawing challenge was hosted by Ariane at Rose and the theme was "playing cards". I immediately thought of those little scribbles and it seemed a natural thing to turn one of them into a queen. I was certain she wanted to become the Queen of Hearts.

Here is the drawing, and the painting, Lady Luck. Sorry about the poor photo of the larger painting, the background is actually the colour of a copper penny.

Funny how things come back around isn't it? And so nice that they found a reason to be. Have a lovely weekend.
See Ariane's blog for a list and links to this week's participants.


  1. Lucky you didn't toss Lady Luck, Sue. She's beautiful! I'll be in Vancouver on Monday and Tuesday should we go to VAG on Tues. I think I still have my guest ticket for you!

  2. Fantastic! I'll look forward to seeing you.

  3. Fabulous painting the colours and shapes are wonderful. I love it in card form too!

    Helen :)

  4. I love these, Sue - want to see them in person! It is wonderful how stuff comes back around again, and how the stuff we do on the side can come into the 'serious' stuff in the most helpful and amazing ways. -sus

  5. the cards are beautiful and the large painting too. now you can design a whole card game for the casino!
    :-) mano

  6. colorful
    and that joker!
    great work
    and great story too!

  7. I like the story behind your Lady Luck and Lucky Queen, the cards and big painting are so beautiful, full of colour and joy and remind me a littlebit of picasso but in a much more positive and playful way.

  8. love it when stories round up properly. your queen looks happy enough, musta been a real lovely exercise to paint her!

  9. Dear Sue,
    yes, its amazing how things come back or circles... and my wood board for the wood cut Queen of hearts has waited 20 years for my knife.

    Love your story behind your Queens. Happy, coulourful and lively! (the colour of a penny? a lucky penny, right?)

    Thank you
    x Ariane

  10. Sue, isn't it just great how things get interconnected and match up the right way. I like the movement in your work. It keeps my eye travelling around and around the piece. Fun. Love this. N. xo

  11. yes dear Sue and i like it too, things coming back in circles, the magic in our life, your work so amazingly lively,dancing and full of colour makes me happy, it fits the feeling of a real summer we are having right here x