three books

three books

Sunday, 16 September 2012

viva l'Italia!

Last quick blog bit before I grab my bags and head for the airport. The funny thing is that I was determined to finish this largish (24x48) painting before I left on holiday as if it mattered in the slightest whether on not it had waited for my return. It makes me wonder if somewhere deep down in my lizard brain there is a conviction that any overseas flight has a high probably of disaster.

This one was inspired by shields, symbols and talismans so I am bound to have a safe journey.
I'm taking along my playbook so if anyone has an suggestions for things that absolutely must be seen or done in the south of Italy - do tell.
Ciao for now.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Plover Lover

Time spent in the studio these past few months has been an exploration of technique and materials with new discoveries of one kind or another almost every day. Sometimes it is just a neat little trick like the waxed prints on these cards. I have always enjoyed lino cuts and the way they simplify an image into positive and negative fields. I like working with water based inks because they are a lot less environmentally nasty and clean up so quick and easy. What I did not like was the fact that the finished print remains water soluble and can be so easily damaged so I have been exploring various ways to stabilize them so they could be used on touchable things like cards. I found that they can be dipped in wax without shifting the ink and it seals them perfectly. I can also layer on extra bits and glue them on with wax, instant collage. Just for fun I stitched some of them on to cards - by hand because my beastly old sewing machine simply refuses to stitch the waxed paper. That is a challenge for another day.
I also started a book a week project a couple of weeks ago to learn various styles of stitching and folding. This week the project was a snake book. Some old and some new linocuts came in handy.
So what gives with the birds, birds, birds? I love birds! All kinds of birds. They are fascinating little creatures. Every time I think I am done with them they find me again. Like the little chickadee that followed Boo and I for a time on our walk this morning, flitting along the wrought iron fence beside us. Did I have my camera - no - of course not. A fact I am certain he was aware of or he wouldn't have stayed with us so long.