three books

three books

Friday, 19 October 2012

Autumn Leaves

It is autumn in BC but, much as it pains me to admit it, that isn't such a big deal. Yes we have some trees that turn colour, even a few that put up a decent show of crimson hues but really, if you want to truly appreciate the season you need to experience an Ontario autumn. It was always my favorite time of year out there and all my memories of country rambles are still bright and crisp, and smell like Macintosh apples.
This week's drawing challenge is presented by Sabine of and the subject is "Leaves". Because I have been busy learning how to make new kinds of books this week I thought it fitting to make a book in homage to Autumn in Ontario.  
When the leaves start to fall it is time to pick apples.
I'm afraid I don't know who to credit with this funky little book design. I made this one up based on a picture that caught my eye a few months ago. Come to think of it that may have been a sculpture rather than a book. Hmmm, oh well, in the spirit of Marcel Duchamp I will say "It's a book because I say it's a book".
Then, because I was having just too much fun printing leaves, I made a couple of variations on what Alisa Golden (author of Making Handmade Books) calls a "guest book". The term apparently comes from the fact that it's original designer - Paul Johnson - makes them and draws in them while travelling then leaves them behind with his host or hostess when he leaves. It is such a lovely gesture that I hope to make a practise of it one day myself . A few folds and cuts turns a single sheet of paper (one side printed) turns into a book with six "leaves". Very clever.
Finally, we're off to the island tomorrow to pick up "OH, BABY, BABY an assemblage by my hero Nixie Barton that the husband surprised me with for our anniversary. He is also very clever.


  1. that apple book is so cleverly put together and very decorative,makes me think(already) of christmas decoration, how good 'an apple tree' would look

    your written 'autumn' caught my eye, it completes your other little book so beautifully x

  2. the apple book is looking great
    I like the little branch ;^))

    happy weekend!

  3. Excellent I like your book. And, Yes, it's a book!!!!!!!!! :))

  4. I feel a kindred spirit with you, art friend. I made a book also...for this challenge. I love yours to bits, bits, bits, and if mine were in any way 'finished' I'd want to trade with you!! I love your book. Hugs, Norma, x

  5. Sue, we must make some books together soon! Yours are always so enchanting yet edgy. Something I'll always love about you. xo

  6. yes: it's a book - a wonderful variety of a book! the little branch is the highlight! :-) mano

  7. What a clever little book! I love the twig it looks fantastic with the printed pages of the book.
    A really nice idea

    Helen x

  8. quite chunkily lovely, these...
    and i love that folded paper booklet too... the very first time i tried it.. i promise, it took me h-o-u-r-s (kind of) to work it out. hee hee.... can you imagine what origami does to me? weeks!
    have a jolly good time, sue!

  9. What a wonderful little book - I only regret, that I can't hold it and look at it closely from all sides!

  10. Wonderful little apple book. I love to see the whole paper that you printed.
    Thanks for participating.

  11. I love your books! beautiful work, and I agree autumn in Ontario is amazing!