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three books

Saturday, 13 October 2012


As I was puttering along in my studio this week I was pondering the drawing challenge "driftwood" as proposed by the immensely talented Mano of Mano's Welt (or Mano's World depending where you are in it) . Years ago, when we lived on Vancouver Island and spent a good deal of our time on the beach, we commonly dragged home piles of driftwood and built our garden furniture and fences from this abundant (not to mention free) resource. I also found planks of wood worn down by the sea and I enjoyed painting sort of folkish art on the rough, knotty surfaces. I kept this one of crows.

Now, although we still live close to the ocean, the beaches are oddly bereft of driftwood and I found nothing to inspire me there. So, I looked to see what I had on hand in my stash of stuff that serves no purpose except to remind me of all the lovely beaches it has been my pleasure to explore.

I dug out a couple of bits and poked at them. I thought about something Grant Leier once said about dragging driftwood home to your garden, "paint it orange or something, make it your own". So I contemplated painting them in honour of the late, great, Barton/Leier garden but "orange"? I came to a less permanent compromise.

But, just as I was about to walk away from this week's challenge I thought wait, this is Mano's challenge! To honour her I had to find a way to box these bits and so this is my official entry to this week's challenge. Visit Mano's blog for a list of participants this week.


  1. dear sue, your little box is really GREAT!! the women sitting on a nest of driftwood and the birds are beautiful!
    do you know that there are many people who collect driftwood for professional sales? in europe you find driftwood hardly ever. ten years ago I came home from denmark with a car full of it, but now only with a little bag... if you google "driftwood sale" you can see many shops!!
    thank you very much for this wonderful post! I'm very impressed that you built furnitures from driftwood in the past! :-) mano

  2. so commercialism has found driftwood in the meantime...
    there is a kind of resemblance between your drawing and your box that i like, the child grow into an adult, thinking of a box was a sweet gesture Sue, xx

  3. Dear Sue,
    what a lovely idea to build a box for Mano! well done!

    x Ariane.

  4. A personal driftwood-box according to Mano... what a wonderful idea. And a nice result moreover.

    Greets, Katja

  5. Good work, Sue, very fitting for Mano's challenge. -sus

  6. i certainly, most staggeringly, have enjoyed your reminiscence of your driftwood days. i've read above comments and am really sad the beauty of worn things shold be commercialized. anthng goes...
    well, your box though, cheers me up endlessly. i like the orange strap too. clever solution!

  7. This is really special, Sue. I loved how you described your process and then finally came to something. The muse just comes through every time I feel. What you came to is wonderful and I think that Mano has influenced you in a wonderful way. Awesome!! N. xo

  8. longer reaches more driftwood on the beaches?
    This is bad news!!!! for me were like bottles with messages.:(
    Thanks for your comment and your great post!:))))