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Friday, 5 October 2012

Happy Birthday Stefanie

I've been back home for four days and still I am struggling to get my head back into this time zone. The nine hour difference combined with the completely surreal culture clash has taken it's toll and my overloaded brain is still processing WAY too much information. So, I am particularly grateful to Stefanie Seltner for proposing a weekly drawing challenge that managed to inspire a brief moment of focus. I celebrated my birthday this year in a small town in Sicily - Santo Stefano - that is renowned for it's highly ornate ceramics. One gentleman in particular, who's name is on a card in this huge pile of stuff I haven't sorted yet, did small, faithful, reproductions of images found on ancient religious works depicting strange little half-human creatures. I was alternately told that these were primitive angel figures or sirens, but I was also told that Italians love to make stuff up for the tourists so he may have been pulling my drumstick. Anyway, I couldn't resist a somewhat less faithful play on the chick-en.
Don't ask me what the black lava turtle has to do with birthdays but it was presented to me with much ceremony during a sing-a-long while a taped version of Buon Compleanno A Voi  played LOUDLY over the restaurant's sound system. Yup, there's an image for you.
See Stephanie's blog for a list of participants in this weeks challenge.


  1. I love your birthday greetings! the black lava turtle, too!!

  2. hee hee... lovely little story here. that must have been your moment! well, the italian colours are well presented too, i see .. ;)))

  3. Yay...this is Fabulous..I love the Cake/ magical ! Saluti..Tanti Auguri to Stefanie..she will love this! Beautiful!!

  4. is an enigmatic and very interesting illustration. congratulations!!!

  5. hello
    and happy birthday yo you too!

    I scrolled down
    and fell in love with your birds
    the linocuts
    I am working on a linocut of an owl
    and you inspired me to work on it again

    Patrice A.

  6. Sus, so this post was way fun. I can only imagine the real fun you had in Italy. This drawing is great and would be a nice postcard I think. I definitely like your chicken siren. It has style and panache. Also, I see this painted mural style in some eatery or other. Maybe a vegetarian restaurant. Hope you slowly recover your sense of home. *hugs* Norma, xo

  7. post script: a typo for Sue. I typed Sus in error. N. x

  8. ... and you know what? I once painted a big turtle (size 150x90 cm) - your turtle reminds me. Maybe that´s why it is on your birthday drawing? Who knows...;)
    Thanks for your inspiring post with magic
    x Stefanie

  9. Happy birthday Sue!

    i love how you mixed your latest adventures with this theme and came to surprise us with an unusual(which we like), funny(which we like too)drawing, great, x

  10. and now I invite you to the next drawing challenge! I'm the next host and my theme is DRIFTWOOD. are you in?
    :-) mano

  11. Right from real life, dear Sue, love it... Vivid drawing.
    And Happy Birthday to you!

    Isn't it a bit crazy how the mind and body (and soul maybe) reacts on time difference?!

    x Ariane.

  12. Dear Sue,
    you are the winner of the birthday d.c. lottery - please contact me!
    x Stefanie

    1. OMG, I can't believe I just typed that but wow, yay. I'll email you right away