three books

three books

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

here to there and back again

I've just spent the morning checking in on my favorite blogs to see what I've missed over the past couple of weeks.  I've been so busy madly doing that I've not taken a moment to think about it let alone write about it and if I hadn't missed the drawing challenge last week (hosted by Kristen ) I'd have had to admit that this is a "habit" I perpetually fall into at this time of year. It's because I am a craft show junkie.Seriously. I love seeing and experiencing all that amazing creative energy presented in amazingly creative ways. Sadly, for those of you who do all that fabulous stuff, I am one of those awful people that only occasionally buys a little something as a gift. The rest of the time I spend simply being inspired then I come home and launch into a frenzy of making stuff for Christmas gifts. I have a good reason for this terrible habit of mine. The simple joy of making gifts that are specifically adapted to the receiver is a pleasure I do not want to deprive myself of. The only "bad" part of this habit is the fact that I start far too many little projects at once and bury myself in bits. Making cards, painted tags, mini books blah, blah. This year in particular I was captured by a booth featuring little needle felted creatures. Lovely but understandably expensive given the nature of the craft. I happened to have some material left over from a felting project last year and I've had a wonderful time with it this week. So far I've made half a dozen tiny creatures for cat friends (marinating in catnip as we speak) and five larger birds for their human friends. I don't want to spoil any surprises but I'll post a couple that are going to people known to avoid computers. Now I can get back to painting this week and relax until the next craft show - coming up this weekend I think. Oh, oh!

A bluebird of happiness for someone who needs a little this year.

A couple of silly shorebirds for someone fond of oddities

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  1. your birds are so cute! It's a wonderful habit to make little presents for friends! :-) mano