three books

three books

Thursday, 10 January 2013


I just downloaded Nelleke's Verhoeff's free wallpaper which is fabulous (thank you Nelleke) and could not possibly come at a more perfect time. As the tiny Woolfe has gone off to hibernate it set the husband and I to talking, as we often do, about the difficulty and the necessity of maintaining balance in life. I'm a bad one for fussing about the past, what I could have or should have said, done, thought...blah, if history could be changed by the wishing. He worry's more about the future, projecting a zillion possible outcomes for things he has little or no control over. We both sometimes forget to enjoy the present. Of course plans must be made and history ruminated over just a little (so we don't have to repeat it) but we too, are going to renew our efforts to live a little more in the present. My new red cheeks wallpaper makes me smile and will remind me every morning to  "just go with the flow".

Having said that here I am rummaging around in the past and resurrecting some old stories I wrote years ago. I don't know who originated the idea of  postcard stories (stories literally short enough to fit on a post card)  but I love the concept because it is the perfect format to capture the intriguing little random snippets of  conversation that drift into my ear and sometimes lodge there as if they hold some personal significance. Usually I am only conscious of a line or two but often they conjure up an image that sticks and so I have to make up the rest of the story. I like the idea of them getting "stuck" in wax.

the skies were blue that day - 12x12 - encaustic

it never occurred to her that he might leave - 22 x 10 - encaustic 


  1. Sue, thanks for the chat today. I see what you mean and I love the repeat pattern, the text, and the monotone colours. Lovely, really, lovely. xo

  2. beautiful work - colors, composition and all - the chair...
    your words, too.
    I hope you´re in the flow now for a while or again and again as you need and as you like and enjoy it!
    x Stefanie