three books

three books

Saturday, 23 February 2013

ich habe genug

Someone asked me today about the little drawings I've been posting lately and I had to admit two things. First, that I actually started using these kinds of images about 20 years ago - as lino cuts on cards, as Sgraffito in clay on cups and plates etc. Oh so much fun I have had with them BUT, confession number two, I stopped using them for quite some time because I became self conscious about the stuff that fell out of my head. Oh, and maybe the fact that while most people thought it amusing, few people actually wanted to buy a mug with a dancing naked lady on it. Which brings up a whole new discussion about the relationship between the sale of art and the ability of the artist to continue making it. Not only in terms of the reality of paying rent but the confidence to remain true to self without regard for public acceptance - all of which I will save for another day's rant but I would love to read some discussion around that. 

Anyway, recently this text based almost art form returned to me when I started participating in the weekly drawing challenge and it happened, as it often does, that the images needed a word or ten to complete the story. As synchronicity would have it I came across a book in the library last week called "more things like this" which is a collection of text based art in a wide range of styles. Among them my hero Leonard Cohen who has always produced quirky little drawings with comments, and another artist who's work I should have been more aware of so I looked her up - Maira Kalman and found a delightful inspiration although I can only dream of being so prolific or so free to express the blurvage (new word - blurt/verbiage) in my head. I also came across a video where she makes reference to a favorite Bach cantata "ICH HABE GENUG" which translates to I HAVE ENOUGH or, as I have painted, posted and seriously considered tattooing on my forehead, I HAVE EVERYTHING I NEED. Isn't it lovely the way thoughts and ideas float freely around the world and come back to you in so many different ways?
Have a lovely, creative weekend all. Fame and fortune coming your way.


  1. How did I miss this posting? Anyhoo....fame and fortune to you too!
    I'm hosting this week's Drawing Challenge: Willow and wondered if you'd like to join in the fun? You can sign up at my blog.
    Keep on keeping on!

  2. I can be rather episodic in my reading and posting and just found this, as well. I love this post! Lots of fodder to think about and I'll definitely have to look up that book. Thank you for the mention.

    As for your last little drawing and its caption, it made me laugh out loud. I, too, am practicing anonymity. Maybe with a little less flair than you--it looks like I'd better get busy!!

    Hope you are past the flu and on the mend. Cindi