three books

three books

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Vernal Equinox

It's the first day of spring and darned if we don't have some sunshine. Yay! I've had a nasty virus take me out of commission for the past few days but no way am I going to miss out on those precious rays. We get so little sun this time of year here in Vancouver we can't afford to miss a moment. But before I make a run for the great outdoors here is my daily drawing just to wish you all a happy springtime.


  1. Happy first day of spring to you Sue! We had sunshine too but I didn't work on my drawing today. You've got more stick-with-it than I it seems. xo

    1. Oh how I wish that were true. I seem to get sidetracked by a pebble in the path these days.

  2. thank you for visiting, dear sue!
    i am sorry; i have not yet invited you to our drawing challenge!!
    i hope i find you in time, to do so still.
    so, do you feel like playing, i wonder?
    this is the invitation, and here's where we're at...!

    and i hope the sun is on your side to push the virus OUT!