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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Dancing Queen

The theme of this week's drawing challenge is DANCE and what a lovely one it is. I took some time this week thinking about some of the most amazing dance routines I have seen and looking up video clips of some of my favorites from movies and television. What fun! But how to choose a favorite? Then I came across this clip which embodied the power of dance and made me smile for hours.

I confess that I am a secret dancing queen being less than truly graceful on the floor but I can totally relate to this woman because when you've got music in your heart sometimes you just have to bust a groove.

For more on the subject of dance visit Patrice's beautiful blog at


  1. Yup, sometimes it just busts out! Thank goodness dancing doesn't need to make sense.

    Loving her pink leggings....oh we had a lot of pink leggings and black leotards in our house with 3 girls dancing twice a week for years and years.

  2. great artwork!

    love the clip too Im one of those women I break out moves in the supermarket aisles quite frequentl much to the horror of my husband who turns around to ask me what pasta sauce I want only to find me grooving away to some sad elevator music. I believe I have danced to this one in Coles.

    Helen :)

  3. that vid is splendid, isn't it? i can't begin to think whether it's genuine or real pro. i mean, i think it is genuine, and i love her. she's been dancing 'round the www, which is only proper!

    the best comment ever, and i love any dance too. it reminds me of our youth club years when all is done to dance in tune, and some don't cut it. my heart goes out to them now. when young, one is foolish. now older, i realise it ain't about the moves, it definitely is about the soul and heart of it.

  4. Your artwork says all! ;o)
    And this woman at the bus stop, haha, I already saw her before and of course I had to laugh a lot, although it's quite obvious that she's not the worst dancer. Not at all! The clip somehow reminded me of a very interesting documentary I saw some time ago, about a cuban dance group called "danza voluminosa" was very very interesting! Here's a little presentation of the group:
    Happy weekend with a lot of dancing!

  5. huge smile ;^)))
    i love that video!!!
    and like you i have been watching the most
    beautiful dance pieces this week
    enjoying it so much and in my dreams
    i am so graceful, i can dance, dance....
    but in real life, hmm.... like the woman in the video
    secretly, but enjoying!!!

    thank you for playing
    and dancing ;^)

    Patrice A.

  6. Hilarious, if she wouldn't be so shy with but dance like crazy like she wanted to, she would only have as funny, but still I admire her courage.
    xo Barbara

  7. that is a 'brighter way' to start your day, how very wonderful Sue!!
    we should dance more, even at busstops, it does make sense indeed :)

  8. I caught the same thing, Renilde and thought it especially apropos.

    And why not dance at the bus stop or any place else, for that matter? As Sue says, dancing always makes sense! Cindi

  9. I'm back again to tell you that I am hosting our next drawing challenge. May I invite you?