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three books

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Tiles, tiles, tiles

This week's drawing challenge as proposed by Ariane of Rose is tiles and I happen to be extraordinarily fond of tiles so I couldn't resist sharing a couple of favorites. First a piece from way back when clay was the substance of my days. I made probably dozens of molds that made shapes I then applied to garden pots and things but my favorite was the simple little rose (appropriate yes?) that I used in countless ways including as a tile. Here is one example of it's use.

Last year, in Sicily, I stayed in a little town by the name of Santo Stefano di Camastra which is famous for it's ceramic works. It seemed like the entire town was made of tiles inside and out, walls, floors - everything.

 It was so very beautiful I wanted to bring a piece of it home and I did. This was a very old tile salvaged from the floor of a demolished building. It is my very best souvenir of anywhere in Italy because it is so typical.

In honour of this week's challenge I decided to incorporate something of my lovely tile into the encaustic I am working on so I made a stencil inspired by a portion of it and used it in a section of wax. I had hoped to be further along on this piece before showing it but it went a little sideways on me and I had to back up before moving forward. No matter, here is the first layer of the stencil done and I will show what happens to it from here in a later post. Happy weekend all. For more tiles visit


  1. oh yes, I want to go on holidays, I love those tiles!
    x Stefanie

  2. your piece with the roses and rose ladies! is it outside Sue, in your garden? it's lovely

    than i imagine heat, burning sun and walking barefoot on cool tiles,
    and finally the piece in progress, the beautiful old tile a fine inspiration, looking forward to see the whole work,it looks intriguing, xx

  3. That piece spend several years outdoors as part of an exhibition in old Nanaimo. When the old buildings were renovated it was time for it to come home. One day I will have a garden again where it can rest evermore.

  4. Hi Sue, I love where you are going with this newest encaustic and I love where you've been with the old tiles! Oh the beauty of rooms wall to floor in tiles. You must have had you breath taken away! xo Carole