three books

three books

Friday, 3 May 2013

freedom at last

And by freedom I actually mean wall space because I've had this big 48 x 48 canvas on the wall of my studio for, quite literally, years. At least two for sure and maybe more if I wanted to think about it which I don't. Suffice to say that I have been stumped on it for a very long time. The reason - 'cause I'm a dumbass sometimes and don't listen to the advice I would give to anyone who found themselves stuck on a canvas that isn't working because there is some aspects of a painting they like and so try to paint around it - gesso that sucker and move on. Thanks to my lovely friend Carole , who I called in fit of despondency, I ended up doing just that. Not only did I smack out the parts I had been clinging too but  I used a different approach to beginning anew, whacking on a bunch of black until some new forms started to take shape. Okay, I admit those forms didn't survive to the end but they helped direct the process and move it forward rapidly. And yes, I couldn't resist sneaking in some shadow of those bits I was attached to at the end but now they are a whisper rather than a shout.

Is it my best ever painting? No, I can already see a bazillion flaws but it was a breakthrough for me in terms of learning to paint large in a couple of ways. First, I realized that I was being far too precious with paint. Working from tiny tubes of expensive paint is inhibiting when buckets are required. Second, going back and trying to rework something I did ages ago could never have worked anyway because I'm not there anymore. For me to accomplish a large abstract it needs to be attacked with great enthusiasm and a sense of immediacy or it gets lost along the way.

Anyway, for good or ill, this one is done and gone, leaving a gaping hole that I can't wait to fill with another BIG problem oops, I mean canvas.
48 x 48 inches - mixed media on canvas

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