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three books

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Poo Fairy

It is a glorious day in Vancouver. The sun is shining, there is a sweet, cool breeze from the ocean and so many shade trees in the area that Boo and I walked through green dappled light on our afternoon stroll through Shaughnessy - an area of glorious houses and manicured gardens. He paused to sniff something on the "devil's strip" (isn't that a great term for the grassy space between the curb and the sidewalk).
The object of his fascination turned out to be a bright blue, tightly sealed bag of dog poo.
The crazy thing is, this isn't unusual. We see these everywhere in a myriad of colours and I have to wonder about the people who stoop, scoop and seal the poop - often in non-biodegradable bags- and then leave them as gifts to the gardeners and carry on their way.
What the hell is that all about?
I have not yet had the chance to inquire directly as to the cause or purpose of this strange behavior since I have only seen the evidence, never the actual deed, and so I am left to ponder. Yes, it is a law, or at least a bi-law that you do have to pick up after your dog and no, perhaps there is not a clear directive regarding the second step in that procedure but you have to assume it to be the logical disposal of said product. What on earth would be the purpose of picking up a fully biodegradable substance and sealing it for freshness in a non-biodegradable plastic container just to leave it on some strangers lawn?
Once, while walking with my friend Julia and her pups, we saw no less than three within a single block - all within a half block of a garbage bin! We postulated optimistically that perhaps these inconsiderate schmucks could mistakenly believe, since the bags do tend to disappear eventually, in the existence of a Poo Fairy who comes along to collect their leavings. We further considered pursuing a municipal contract for the position of Poo Fairy since we walk four times a day and pick up our own doggy droppings along the way but, while it was entertaining to exhaust our supply of puns to describe what sort of a job that would be, in the end we just couldn't figure out a way to spin it to the politicians as budgetary necessity.

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  1. Ha, Sue, I see this all the time when we walk in the woods! Strange that someone would take the time to pick it up, package it, and then not carry it to the nearest garbage disposal. We could use some Poo Fairies here too! Especially ones with red nails like your's. xo