three books

three books

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Time out - in the studio

I needed a time away from writing about writing and so I hid out for a few days in my studio. My sister-in-law Penny has opened a new little shop in Ingersoll Ontario and I promised to send her some small paintings. I didn't really know what I was going to paint so imagine my surprise when I was inspired to paint flowers - not usually my favorite subject but must say it was a pleasure to revel in colour and play with natures wonders. These are all a continuation of my "Nixie says" series and use all of the tips and tricks of encaustic that she taught me.

do not fear - encaustic on cradleboard 8 x 10

be bold - encaustic on cradleboard 8 x 10

colour outside the lines (line inside the colours) encaustic 8 x 10

just play - encaustic on cradleboard - 8 x 10

stay loose - encaustic on cradleboard - 8 x 10

I just got a new torch last week and WOW what a difference. This puppy is a major flame thrower and can fuse the layers of wax in less than half the time of my other one.  Now I can take on some bigger formats with serious weaponry. All fun and games until somebody sets the curtains on fire.

Now if I could only learn to take a decent photo.........


  1. beautiful encaustic work - I like the soft surface very much. this flame thrower - I don't know what it is - seems that is very dangerous ;-)!! take care!!
    :-) mano

  2. Wow, Sue, these are great! I am in love with stay loose. "sniff'.
    I hope they sell well back east for you. They should!
    Is it warm working inside with your new torch? xo Carole