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three books

Friday, 30 August 2013

Alphabet Soup

Next week I will be heading over to Vancouver Island for a few days to hang out with my grandson and wait for his new baby sister to come home from the hospital, so that has been on my mind this week. I was also thinking about this week's drawing challenge - order/chaos - as proposed by Barbara of .
Which means I happened to be contemplated 4 year old boys and chaos at the same time which seems like a fairly natural pairing. It occurred to me that he is at that stage where, although he can sing the alphabet and point out the letters, the concept of putting those letter symbols into order to form words is still swirling around in his brain, occasionally gelling when he recognizes the order of them for important things like cats, dogs, cars etc.
I decided to take him a little painting that might make some fun out of picking out letters and words. I started by tossing the first alphabet on randomly, then I added a second and third alphabet and placed them to makes a few easy words for him to recognize, including his name. Then I confused it all a little further by overlaying some old letraset text on top so he'll have to look a little harder to make sense of it all and discover that those letter symbols sometimes arrange themselves into words. Order in the midst of chaos.

I hope he enjoys it and, since we are going to be working on putting those letters and words in order, I am really looking forward to visiting the library while I am there, it has been far too long since I treated myself to the mind numbing repetition of children's story books. Aren't those ones always their favorites?
Through three cheese trees three free fleas flew...yikes.

Go see Barbara's lovely blog for other participants in this week's challenge.


  1. your story makes me smile
    i so remember that time! the first spoken words
    the magic when letters become words by reading
    mmm... memories....

    enjoy your days!
    Patrice A.

  2. Dear Sue, hope this time it will work, with my 1st try the system ate my comment.
    I agree with Patrice, I remember this time too, its so cute and your artwork is just wonderful - love it.
    But please don't ask me to read it, its still difficult!
    Enjoy your trip!
    Barbara Bee

  3. Another important stage in acquiring the mysteries of the world...reading! I sometimes try to imagine how illiterates must feel within a world of words and letters that don't make any sense...must be like getting lost in china or some other country with total different lettering!
    Lovely idea to do a letter poster for learning and playing!

  4. I think every child is elated when it learns to combine the letters to words and the words to sentences. reading is great! your artwork too! :-) mano

  5. good gracious, how clever are you?
    he may even get a proper hang of art in words, this way??!!

  6. this is a wonderful idea to share with your grandson, so creative of you!! perfect thoughts about chaos and order too. i also thought of children for my post.

  7. Dear Sue,
    what a sweet idea! Lucky grandson! He will make the next step... enters the world of magic letters... finds words.
    All the best for you and your growing family!


  8. Lettraset! Oh my gosh, I haven't seen that stuff for years! I am sure it dates me horribly to admit that once upon a time I used it regularly at my day job as a draftsman...
    xxoo, sus

  9. oh Sue you're just a beautiful, wonderful grandmother, he'll remember this,
    order and chaos, yes he will learn playfully, xx