three books

three books

Wednesday, 28 August 2013


The amount of enthusiastic comments regarding my last post has me convinced that you're all a bunch of tree hugging nature freaks - which I highly approve of  - BUT I hesitate to offer fuel for your passion for fear that the squirrels will not have enough walnuts in their diets this winter. On the other hand I cannot resist sharing some info on an artist who does incredible things with nature's bounty.

Allow me to introduce you to India Flint - how cool is that name?

Ms. Flint is the author of  two related books "Eco Colour" which is specifically about botanical dyes and "Second Skin" which relates to repurposing  textiles with natural dyeing techniques. I haven't been able to get them at the library yet but I believe they can be ordered.

You can check out her website at and her blog titled - not all those who wander are lost - .

The work you will see (and salivate over)  is on both fabric and paper. I think the principle is the same and the outcome, utterly luscious regardless. I wish I could share a photo or two but since I haven't asked permission I will simply implore you to go and see for yourself.

Here is a closer look at my simple efforts - a couple of pages from last week's challenge to whet your appetite.

and after visiting India Flint -  if you aren't filled to the brim go see some more eye candy here - I think somewhere in the midst of that may have been where I found the simple instructions for paper bundling.
Have fun nature bunnies!

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  1. Okay, Sue, I'll take the bait but I want to stare at your work for a bit before heading over there. LOVE these!