three books

three books

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Yay PicMonkey

Okay yes, my lovely friend Carole told me about this website quite some time ago but did I go there? No, of course not. I thought it just did photo collage things and I wasn't ready to get into that kind of fun until today, when I finally took the time to go and put together a little collage and realized it could also straighten and clean up all my sloppy photos. OMG I am so happy. I will of course be spending the next three days tweaking and obsessing over pictures but here are some of the most recent "Nixie says" florals at their almost straight, almost focused best.

Be Happy - encaustic on board - 8 x 10

bloom study - yellow - encaustic on board 8 x 10

bloom study - encaustic on board 8 x 10

Go Wild - encaustic on board - 16 x 10

Just Be - 6 x 12 encaustic on cradleboard

Bloom study - red - 8 x 8 encaustic on cradleboard

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  1. Love Carole Reed and her blog!
    These encaustics are wonderful, great texture & love the florals.