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three books

Thursday, 17 October 2013

The why of it

I've been preparing for a show next month and find myself a little worried, not about the task of getting work ready but by the thought of having to stand by the work and the feeling of having to explain myself when someone says, "what does it mean"? One school of thought regarding the presentation and sale of artwork is that an explanation should never be offered. After all, it is much more important that the viewer (and potential collector) of my work find their own meaning within a piece than be limited by my stuttering summation. True. However, I think that it is important that I know, and am able to articulate WHY I do what I do and that is what has been occupying my mind lately.
I believe that the desire to create is inherent in many of us but I know, for myself, that that desire lays largely dormant unless driven by a secondary desire to reach out and connect with other human beings. Yes, there are times when painting can be just about painting, or colour, or texture...and that can be satisfying in and of itself but what really motivated me when I got down to work in the studio this month was the essential need to express something more personal. To reveal something of how I think about things, and maybe tell a story (or invite the viewer to make one up). I hoped to initiate an interaction that would encourage people to notice our commonalities and perhaps share a word or a smile. Maybe many people will accept the work at face value and never trouble themselves to look for a deeper meaning and that's okay. But maybe someone or two will take the time to peek beneath the surface, and ponder a little.

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  1. SUE!!! Wow! I love them all but "we could be happy here" is perfectly amazing. It would look fabulous in my "here"............ See you soon. xoxo

  2. Hey Sue, me too, I love them, the first and last one my fav´s!
    Best wishes x Stefanie

  3. Don't worry about the why. These are great!