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three books

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

regrets - I've had a few

It is cool and grey outside this morning. Clearly autumn has settled in but I have no complaints about it. This has been the most astounding fall season we have experienced since moving to this part of the country twenty and some years ago. The clearest, brightest, most colourful, most stunningly beautiful one perhaps ever - and I did not take a single photograph. There have also been dozens of varieties of the most unusual and often beautiful mushrooms sprouting here, there and everywhere - and I have not taken a single photograph.
I was musing about this one day as I was out walking the dog on a glorious, sunny morning. While Boo stopped for a sniff I stood admiring a particularly stunning bit of fall finery up and ahead. Thus distracted I was startled by a cheerful voice saying "good morning". I turned to reply but there was no one there, just a solid wood fence about 6 feet high running at least 15 feet behind me. I turned forward to see that it continued an equal distance or more ahead of me. I must have looked completely bewildered because I then heard, "up here".
Just on the other side of the fence and about 20 feet in the air there was a man standing, quite comfortably, in a tree. Just standing there, one foot on a limb to either side holding on to nothing and no ladder in sight.
This was no ordinary tree to be sure, it was a radically sculptural Yew Bonsai tree and he appeared to be occupied with trimming its unruly top bits into tiny tufts with pruning sheers.
He had a cheeky grin on his face, clearly pleased with his little joke. We both had a chuckle as I returned his greeting and I then Boo and I carried on our way. It was one of those singularly unusual, surprising and delightful moments but of course I didn't have my camera and so I DIDN'T GET A PICTURE!

I swear I am going to start duct taping the camera on to my wrist so I remember to take it with me everywhere I go.

the best of intentions

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