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three books

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

winding down

We've had a bit of snow the past couple of days which makes my dog ecstatically happy. Today as we went on our long midday walk he was trotting along like a puppy stopping frequently to snuffle in the leaf piles under the crusty snow. One street in particular, just a few blocks south of my place, is lined both sides with huge barren trees and I appreciated Boo providing me the opportunity to enjoy their stark white beauty while I pondered what I was going to write about today. It was the first mild day after a stretch of fierce cold so we wandered a little further and a little further and whoops, the better part of the day is gone. Boo, now warm and dry, is fast asleep at my feet and I am reconciled to the fact that my endless list of to-do's will have very few check marks today.

I have always been just a little bewildered by the speed at which December skates on past me. I always felt so busy all the time and that I had so much to do. This year I finally recognized the truth, it's not moving fast, I'm moving slow.

December is a wrap up month, the time to finish up the things I have started throughout the year, reflect on what has been accomplished and look forward to what is to come. But it is also time to curl up in a warm corner and read or knit or chat on the phone and I confess to all of the aforementioned in abundance over the past two weeks. If I have learned anything over this passing year it is to relish this time and to celebrate not only the season but all of the accomplishments of the passing year. I plan on making a habit of it and, as they say it takes 28 days to form any new habit, I'm really going to enjoy the next two weeks.

making confidence a habit - 24 x 36 inches - encaustic

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