three books

three books

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Good things come in twos

I feel like I have been doing almost nothing lately but in fact what I have been doing is procrastinating on a level never before experienced in a life time of practicing procrastination as an Olympic worthy sport. My friend Anna, who considers herself a master procrastinator, says that I am no more than an enthusiastic amateur but I think even she would have to consider me a serious contender this past month.

While I can't call it an excuse I can say that what has enabled me to dodge all productivity recently is the introduction of several new technological dew daws each of which required hours of mucking about to gain even a modicum of control over. Yes, I am a techno-idiot and until I managed to beat it into submission over many days of poking at it I was almost convinced that my "smart" phone was smarter than me. Also, why did Microsoft have to change EVERYTHING about it's operating system in the few short years between my last computer and this one? Damn.

Anyway, now that those are semi-sorted I found myself looking around for something else to do other than what I should be doing (I'm working on a second book) and help came in the form of two morning phone calls. Yeah, okay so maybe I was procrastinating by actually answering the phone but as it turned out I was blessed with inspiration from each of them. First, my fabulous friend Carole inspired me to get on my new horse and catch up on reading some of my favorite blogs as well as writing an entry of my own - thank you Carole. Also, because she has two brand new twin grandbabies, piqued my interest in having a bit of fun with things that come in twos or pairs of things that may match or just belong together just because. We said no cute baby pics were allowed but what about baby dolls?
They came to me separately but clearly they belong together.
Or these little porcelain lovelies - same but a little different?
Then I started to look around my house and find all sorts of things that came in pairs of two including, I'm not even going to tell you how many, pairs of salt and pepper shakers but here is the newest pair that my sister put in a stocking for me at Christmas. These strawberries with eyeballs go fabulously with my cheekily grinning corn cobs, a pair of smarmy apples and several more ill defined but cheerful pairs of vegetation. What I want to know is who thinks this stuff up? Too funny!
While I was poking about with my camera I was reminded once again that I am blessed with friends and family who forever have the ability to make me laugh (and sometimes cry) and I am very grateful for that, which brings me to my second conversation of the morning.
This past autumn I had the unexpected opportunity to enjoy a series of chats with a man who is a master coach. I confess that prior to our meeting I hadn't the slightest idea what a life coach actually did and I have to also admit that I was somewhat skeptical about the process. What I discovered was that is was somewhat akin to having a close friend dressed in a cheerleader suit asking tough questions and not letting you get away with any excuses. Brilliant! It is criminal to trivialize the process thus and I'm sure that Garry wouldn't thank me for portraying him as a man in a short dress so I won't tell you his name - oops. Hi Garry! What I will tell you is that he continues to inspire me with conversations like the one we had this morning.
I was describing to Garry - a name which COULD be a pseudonym - a video I watched the night before (I am totally addicted to TED talks). The primary point that I had taken from this one was the suggestion that we should reach out to people who have been instrumental in shaping our lives, especially those who may not even specifically know what they have done for us, and express our gratitude. Garry, who knows how important performing random acts of kindness are to me, immediately, and with characteristic enthusiasm, picked up on the idea of Random Acts of Gratitude or, to use his brilliant acronym - RAG 's which rather decisively changes the nature of that term. Nuff said. Let's do it.



  1. I can't thank you enough for our phone call. You lifted my spirit, help in focussing the path, and were a breathe of fresh air. xoxo Carole

  2. Ha! this was a good post- RAG's I like that- gratitude with a smile and something to put at the forefront of my days- thank you for the reminder :)