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three books

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Mentioning the unmentionables

Rooting through stuff the other day I came across this lovely little art card done a few years ago by my lovely artist friend Carole, yes, the same one I talk about all the time because she's amazing. Anyway, I was enjoying it all over again and considering framing it when I suddenly had a flashback to a conversation from way back when.
Sometimes the most random conversations are the ones that stick with me forever and influence my behaviour in unusual ways. In this one, from some bazillion years ago when I was in art school, I was talking to one of the instructors. I should mention that, since I was returning to school as an adult, the teachers were very little if at all older than me so it was not unusual for me to prefer having a coffee break with them over the rest of the students who were barely out of their teens.
So, one afternoon we were discussing the inexplicable fashion of the time for young girls to be wearing coloured bras under sheer blouses making them look like walking lingerie ads – a cause for serious distraction among the teenaged male population and, as you might imagine, of some concern to the faculty. This particular teacher, an attractive if somewhat reserved looking woman surprised me with her admittedly unscientific but thoroughly resolved theory regarding the features of a woman’s scanties in relation to her personality and state of mind.

The first part of that is pretty much as you might guess. A conservative gal is likely to go for comfort and support – good quality at a reasonable price, that sort of thing - while a bolder gal might just go for a little lift and flash. Which was perfectly fine either way she said, so long as exceptional quality was rigorously observed -this being the number one indication of a person’s self-esteem. Mismatched tops and bottoms, pantie lines and visible tatty straps – OMG what must they be feeling?

Having never considered the ins and outs, so to speak, I was willing to accept her hypothesis, all the while trying to remember what I had donned that day and realizing, sadly that, whatever it was, it was more likely to indicate the former rather than the latter. Sigh. I did however perk up and pay attention to the second part of the theory which postulated that, if a woman were to consciously take control of her undergarment selection, she could in fact deliberately influence her self-confidence accordingly. Consider just a couple of possibilities here.

1.       I’m feeling pretty good, it’s an average sort of day, relatively low stress…Hmmm…comfy cotton says I’m looking swell and feeling confident just the way I am.

2.       I’m a little anxious today, I’ve got a presentation to do. Hey, where is that satin and lace set that says I look awesome under this jumper and I’m gonna kick butt today?

Since that day I have never underestimated the power of panties and just what they have to say about their wearer. I’ve come to believe that she may be right in at least one aspect - good lingerie is a right, not a privilege. Stock up, and use your power wisely.

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