three books

three books

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Bits and pieces

The drawing challenge this week (thank you Tammy Lee) is "tiny". I have to begin by saying that I LOVE tiny things - always have. In fact I used to be a tiny thing until my breadth started to compensate for my lack of height. Ah well. Tammy's proposal sent me on a trip down memory lane thinking of the tiny dolls and bits that I played with as a child - oh wait, I still do!
A couple of weeks ago I made a major score at the flea market. Here are some of my tiny treasures waiting to find homes.

I've been putting them into books. Last week's posting had a few of them but here's one more.
I get all excited when I find the tiny porcelain dolls (frozen Charlottes) like the ones up top  but this little one - just over an inch tall - OMG amazing. Which just goes to prove that while you might have to grow old you absolutely do not have to grow up. Head on over (pardon the pun) to Beauty Flows for more little goodies.

Thursday, 6 August 2015


She's back, without the slightest excuse for being away so long (and writing in third person - weird). 
sometimes I read to remember
I was simply lost for a while wandering around aimlessly, unfocused...blah, blah never mind. I've got about a gazillion blog entries to catch up on but thought I'd start with a little one of my own - just to prove I haven't been completely idle. In fact I've been having a great time on thingies. Some may say altered books I suppose but I'm not certain they qualify - if there is a criteria for such things. To me they are just an excellent platform for mucking about inside as well as on the surface of a support.

boy meets girl - same old story
pure - a classic tale of good and evil
Visitors, holidays, some, some, summertime, time just slips away. It's been far too hot to want to work in the studio much but finally our cloudy skies are back this week and I've taken the opportunity to get rolling again. Can't wait to see what everyone's been up to.