three books

three books

Thursday, 19 May 2016


(pro-kras-tin-eh-shun) - the art of replacing important tasks with endless, less important tasks or simply avoiding them altogether.
I am an expert at this!!!
In fact I can guarantee that by the time I finish writing a word about it I will have spent approximately quadruple the amount of time avoiding writing about it than actually writing about it. Not kidding. This morning, determined to tackle the subject as part of my new book project, I walked the dog, checked my emails, had a snack, talked on the phone, watched a TED video, did a French lesson and made a batch of yogurt. That made me think that I should reread my notes from reading "The 7 Secrets of the Prolific" (by Hillary Rettig). Which took up the rest of my morning - done.
So then I walked the dog again, snuck a wee peek at emails while eating lunch, clicked on a link and got sucked into YouTube for a bit. Damn. I tore myself away, made a coffee and here I am at 3:00 p.m. with a stack of notes around me in no particular order and, if I can't make them come together in the next five minutes I will definitely have to consider going to clean my bathtub or vacuum something. Okay, last procrastination, I will post the latest pieces from my 100 book series and then get to work ... or ...
an extraordinary tale of one man's courage
in the manner of her time

a long story about a short life

Monday, 9 May 2016

starting again

I try and I fail. I try again and sometimes I fail again. Oddly, this is a good thing because, aside from enjoying myself immensely, I occasionally come up with something I actually like - something that would never have happened if I had not kept trying. (channeling Pollyanna here)
This latest project is just about trying and failing and exploring the possibilities along the way. I am using the same supports throughout the series (100 old books) and discovering a variety of ways to manipulate them. I've posted a few already and I will post a new one regularly as I finish them but you can see my progress so far if you like by going to my website: and clicking on "novel concepts"
*no viable reading material has given it's life for this research*